Q+A with Marlin Maniac

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4. Let’s talk about the manager. How will Ozzie Guillen at the helm motivate these guys and do you see more playoff appearances than blowups in his tenure?

A. I see more playoff appearances. Ozzie Guillen alone will bring the Marlins credibility and mass media attention. If the Marlins are struggling and Hanley is not happy, Ozzie will step into the spotlight and make sure the media does not make a mountain out of a molehill. I expect Ozzie to be the winningest manager by the end of his tenure in Miami. Aside from that, I do not believe that managers make that deep of an impact. Ozzie will do his job and make sure Hanley is happy. He will make the lineup card and set the starting rotation. The rest is up to the players. Fortunately, Ozzie will have what looks to be the most talented Marlins team in their short history.
5. How do you like the new uniforms and look of this team?

A.  Call me crazy, but I actually have started to dig the logo. In fact, my next paycheck, I fully intend to go get a new Miami Marlins hat. As for the uniforms, I am in love with the orange jerseys as well as the black ones. The white and grey ones make me want to puke, but I am thinking that they will eventually grow on me. Honestly, how the uniforms look are a secondary worry for me. I do not care how the team looks, as long as we are winning.

6. With the possible 2 Wild Card teams, do you think Miami is a playoff team? If not, what pieces do they have to add?

A.  With two wild card teams next season, I see the Marlins as being very close to being able to nab them. That is if Hanley Ramirez and Josh Johnson can return to form. Add on the free agent signings, and I would argue that the Marlins are nearing the Atlanta Braves. The Phillies are still a long ways away. The Marlins would have caught up to them if they were able to add either C.J. Wilson or Albert Pujols. There is still an outside chance the Marlins make a run at Prince Fielder. I am personally against it, unless the Marlins lock him up to a deal that is 4 years or shorter.

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