CC is The Man

Remember the other day when I said that Twitter was a rich source of news? Well arguably the biggest Yankee news this offseason has just broken on the site.

CC Sabathia announced he is staying with the team via a video he posted from his account:


That is awesome. Not just that he is staying, but also how he announced it. Twitter had it before any other news source. Good shit.

Buster Olney has the deets:

The contract extension is for one year (2016) and worth $25 million. There is also a $25 million option for 2017 with a $5 million buyout. The option automatically vests unless CC is disabled by left shoulder injury, ends the 2016 season on the DL, spends more than 45 days on the DL in 2016 with a left shoulder injury or makes at least six relief appearances in 2016 due to shoulder injuries.

In all, he has five years and $122 million guaranteed remaining on his deal with the Yanks. In other words: he got $30 million more in guaranteed money with a chance for another year at $25 million.

Not a bad deal, all things considered. His 5/122 tops Cliff Lee’s 5/120 deal and is now the highest salary for a pitcher in Yankee history at $24.4 million per. Plus, he technically didn’t even have to opt out.

Damn. I should’ve learned how to throw a curve ball.

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