Royals Hire Eiland

Former Yankee pitching coach Dave Eiland has been hired by the Royals for the same position.

Eiland, 45, was with the Yanks from 2008-2010, but missed about a month in 2010 with an undisclosed personal matter. It was a shady situation because nobody would say why he wasn’t with the team — it also saw AJ complain that Eiland was his rock (see what I did there?) and that was a reason for his struggles — and many believe that was the reason the Yanks didn’t re-sign him. However, Cashman never said if the absence was cause for his dismissal.

Dave then spent last year as a special assistant with the Rays before taking this job with the Royals. The pact is a two-year deal.

Eiland was always a pretty classy guy and I wish him well in KC, and I hope whatever problems he had in ’10 are straightened out. Good luck Dave, we’ll always have 2009!

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