Quick Joba Update

Whether you like twitter or not, you have to admit that it is a rich source of information. In this day and age news breaks on twitter, that is a fact.

Today’s nugget comes from pitcher Joba Chamberlain, who tweeted that his rehab from Tommy John surgery is going well:

60 ft 50 throws today! Went great. 1 step closer to getting back on the bump! Thanks for all the support

Some of the twitter news I could do without is the picture he posted of his arm after surgery in mid-June:

Ouch! Not the surgery — I’m sure he got nice painkillers for that — I’m talking about that tattoo. He’s going to have to live with that for the rest of his life.

All kidding aside, the news about Joba throwing from 60 feet is obviously very good. It seems weird that he is throwing just four months after getting cut up, but if doctors say it’s OK then by all means go for it.

Joba also said he expects to begin throwing from a mound by spring training. If that is the case, the Yanks bullpen should be even stronger in 2012. Think about it, they’ll have:

  • Mo
  • D-Rob
  • So (assuming he doesn’t opt out, but why would he?)
  • Joba
  • Boom Boom Boone
  • Cory Wade
  • Hector Noesi

That ‘pen is even AJ-proof. I kid, I kid.

My one gripe would be that Boone is the only lefty they have. They have talked about bringing in another lefty, so that worry could be gone by the time April 5 rolls around.

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