Random Jorge Worship

Out of the players with more than two at-bats, you could argue that Jorge Posada has been the Yankees’ best hitter this postseason. I know it’s only been four games, but look at his stats: 4-for-10, a triple (!?!), four walks, four runs and a HBP for a slash line of .400/.600/.600.

I guess facing four righty starters will do that for a guy who hit .269/.092 against righties and lefties, respectively.

Sure, he doesn’t have any RBI yet and some players have more hits, but this is a guy who was hitting .195 on June 7 and couldn’t buy a hit for a long time.

You could easily say that Cano or Granderson or somebody else is the most valuable hitter, but Posada has exceeded expectations so far (or at least my expectations) in the ALDS. How many of us wanted this 40-year-old guy off the team mid-season when he asked out of the lineup and appeared to be done at the plate?

Regardless if the Yanks advance or not I’m just glad that Georgie’s last hurrah will be a stellar playoff series and not a season marred by controversy and struggles. It’s quite a swan song for a player who has done a lot for the organization over the past 15+ seasons.

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