Who's hot, who's not

There are other Yankees that are hot/slumping on the team, but these fellows jump out at me. Also, I just looked at position players; pitchers weren’t taken into account.


1) Nick Swisher

Arguably the hottest hitter on the Yanks right now is Nick Swisher. Over his last seven games Swish Dog is batting .320/.452/1.080 with 10 RBI and five walks, and six of his eight hits over that span have been home runs. Sure it’s a small sample size but it’s good to see him hitting after where he was at earlier this season.

He now has 21 homers and 77 RBI on the year while hitting .267/.383/.464. Those numbers aren’t eye-popping but keep in mind he was at .213/.335/.314 with three homers and 20 RBI through the end of May.

2) Robbie Cano

Over his last 26 games Cano is hitting .340/.368/.632 with seven homers (two grand slams), 27 RBI, eight doubles and a triple. In addition, he’s the only Yankee (with at least 30 at-bats) hitting .300 (.304) and is second to Grandy (.591) in SLG (.529).

3) Derek Jeter

He resurrected his season since coming off the DL on July 4, but over his last 15 games he’s been on fire. Over that span Captain is hitting .446/.486/.554 with three doubles, two triples, seven RBI and 11 runs scored.


1) Curtis Granderson

He’s been hot all season and you could make the argument that he’s the AL MVP, but recently he’s been slumping a little. He’s just 5 for his last 26. However, he is still OBPing and SLGing .382 and .538, respectively, over that span while leading the majors in runs scored (122) and RBI (107), and the AL in triples (10) on the year. His .276 average leaves a lot to be desired, but with peripherals like he has I’ll let it slide.

2) Brett Gardner

Gardy was hitting .290/.370/.416 on July 21, but since then he went 29-for-134 to see his line drop to .267/.348/.377. August has not been kind to Brett, to say the least.

3) Eric Chavez

Granted he was injured and has played sparingly this season, but in his last 13 games (10 starts) Fake Mattingly is hitting .171/.227/.244 with two RBI, three walks, 13 strikeouts, two runs scored and seven hits in 41 at-bats. Maybe he should grow another ‘stache.

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