Athletics-Yankees Podcast Preview

The Yankees (57-39) did not put away the Rays this week, but they went 4-4 on a tough road trip. Now, they return home for a ten game stretch that will culminate with the trade deadline. This weekend, the Bombers take on the yellow uniformed Oakland Athletics (43-55). Earlier this season, New York swept Oakland with power bats and potent arms. They hope to do the same in this series. This podcast focuses on this weekend, but we need your help for a special podcast.

Next Friday, I will be recording a special Yankee Trade Deadline Preview Podcast. Just like the Viewer’s Choice Podcast, I will take your questions and comments on what you think the Bombers will do at the deadline. This should be a fun show especially with all the latest rumors about Felix Hernandez and Ubaldo Jimenez.

On this podcast, I discuss the following:

  • Pitching Matchups
  • They can’t handle the Bronx!
  • New Managerial Changes by the Bay
  • Oakland’s great pitching, just not against New York
  • Possible A’s moving at the deadline
  • Patience isn’t always the best quality at the plate for Oakland
  • Yankee pitching sucess
  • A “sweeping” prediction!

Athletics-Yankees Preview

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