MLB has some balls, and I'm not talking about ones with 108 stitches

Some cowardly MLB official had the gall to call out Derek Jeter for not going to the All-Star game today. In case you missed it, Jeet announced a few days ago he would skip the ASG due to “emotional and physical exhaustion” from the pursuit of his 3,000th hit.

I don’t have a huge problem with the actual call out — though I’m not happy about it — because that’s freedom of speech; he/she can say whatever he/she wants. My beef is with this jabroni not having the sac to attach his/her name to the quote, among other things. I hate to agree with Randy Levine on anything, but he was right in this case.

Here’s the controversial quote from Anon:

Derek Jeter has done everything right during his whole career. He was wrong on this one. This could have been a celebration of his 3,000th hit. He didn’t have to play.

First of all, it seems like this guy/lady is more pissed that MLB can’t milk the 3,000th hit for all its worth. If he’s not playing, why should he go? He was just on the DL for three weeks and is 37 years old, there’s no reason for him to  make the trip if he’s not playing. Plus, in all honesty, he really shouldn’t have even been on the team. His numbers this year are terrible. And if he/she is so irate about making more money off the 3,000th hit, MLB can still show a video tribute on the scoreboard or something like that. What’s the difference if Jeet attends the game or not?

In my opinion, this official should be more pissed that Jeet decided not to play. Saying Jeter should go but “didn’t have to play” tells me that MLB only cares about making money off of Jeet rather than preserving the integrity of the game. This schmuck can go get fucked.

I wonder if Anon ever been in pursuit of such a historic milestone and had the New York media riding his/her ass for a few months. Getting asked the same questions over and over again by rabid reporters while also enduring an injury isn’t fun, I can only imagine how much it takes out of you.

For this official to break Derek’s balls after all he’s done for the sport over the past 16 years is a joke. I usually don’t play this card — mainly because I think it’s corny — but Jeter has been a great ambassador for MLB. I think he’s earned the right to not go to an All-Star game if he doesn’t want to, especially if he thinks it’s in the better interest of his team.

Bud Selig must have seen the snafu and tried to nip it in the bud, because he issued a situation-defusing statement today:

There isn’t a player I’m more proud of in the last 15 years than Derek Jeter. He has played the game the way it should be played, and he’s been a better human being off the field. I know why Derek Jeter is not here. I respect that and I must tell you that I think I would have made the same decision. Any suggestion that I or anybody else around here is unhappy with him not being here is just false.

I hope the official gets what is coming to him/her.

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