Wow. Just wow.

Get a load of this doozy from The headline reads “2011 Red Sox Will Challenge the 1927 Yankees for Title of Greatest Team in Major League History,” so that tells you everything you need to know about its credence.

Here’s my favorite part:

The 2011 Red Sox possess all the pieces to have a season for the ages. If everything falls into place and the breaks go their way, they could do more than set records and become champions. They could do more than take their place on Immortality Peak and end up being mentioned in the same sentence as legendary clubs of the past: the 1929 A’s, the epic Yankees teams of the 30’s, the 1970 Orioles, the 1976 Reds.

Yeah, and if your sister had a cock she’d be your brother.

I guess Eric Ortiz suffers from the rare disease called “Miami Heat Syndrome.” Symptoms include:

  • Proclaiming a team that has never played, let alone practiced or been in the same room, together as being the greatest ever
  • Placing unrealistic and delusional expectations upon a team
  • Excessive dick riding of a team

Get well soon Mr. Ortiz!

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