Yanks sign one of "Hank's Yanks" and a jailbird

The Yankees have signed 19-year-old righty Leonel Vinas to a minor-league deal. Vinas — out of Strong Island — was the ace of “Hank’s Yanks,” a NY youth baseball team sponsored by Hank Steinbrenner.

NYY team vice president Billy Connors said of Vinas:

He’s a tough kid. He was impressive throwing on the side. He pitched well for Hank’s Yanks. He just wanted an opportunity.

I just want an opportunity too, Billy! Have you heard how well I can bunt?

The team also signed 23-year-old lefty Steve Evarts, the 43rd pick — two spots after Joba — in the ’06 draft, to a minor-league deal. Once upon a time he was a highly-touted prospect in the Braves system, but he hasn’t pitched since 2008, has an injury history and has been arrested more times than Jose Canseco. I hope the Yanks know what they’ve gotten themsleves into.

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