Cliff Lee to the Phils

It was reported late Monday night that Cliff Lee will sign with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Although official terms were not available, reports are that the Phils inked him to a five-year deal worth $50 million less than what the Yanks offered. The Yanks offered six years at $138 million with a player option for a seventh at $16 million. Who turns that down?

You gotta respect a guy that leaves that much money on the proverbial table, but it’s funny that he did it for a franchise that pretty much kicked him to the curb when they didn’t want to give him an extension. Whatevies. I’m glad he saved the Yanks another terrible contract for an aging free agent. I just hope Cashman has a solid Plan B.

If Pettitte returns in 2011 I think the Yanks will be fine. If he retires, however, they might be up shit’s creek without a paddle.

Get used to this Mets fans

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