UPDATE:Yanks won't up offer to Cliff Lee

While we all wait patiently to see where Cliff Lee will sign, Brian Cashman has said the Yanks will not up their offer to the coveted lefty to entice him to come to the Bronx.

The team offered Lee a seven-year deal believed to be worth about $160 million, while the Rangers offered six years with a vesting option for a seventh year worth “substantially” less money. The sonuvabitch still has not decided where he will play for the next six seasons.

There is also apparently a “mystery team” in the mix but they are only willing to go to five years…one can only assume it’s the Red Sox trying to drive up the price.

Despite the fact that it would behoove Lee to pitch for the Yanks, I don’t want the team to sign him. I think it’s too many years at too much money to give a 32-year-old. I know his numbers are great and he’s absolutely filthy, but I don’t want the team to be paying a guy in his late 30’s over $20 million per year…they’ve went down that road before.

If the team is indeed trying to cut costs and get younger, signing Cliff Lee would not be the route to go.

UPDATE: It appears the mystery team is not the Red Sox, it is Lee’s former team the Philadelphia Phillies.

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