Yanks made offer to Cliff Lee + awesome Cashman quote

The Yankees apparently made an offer to Cliff Lee today. It was in the ballpark of $140 million for six years, which is friggin’ nuts. They need another starter, but that is just overkill. When does enough become enough? Lee’s agent, Darek Braunecker, left the winter meetings on Wednesday with “all the information he needs.”

Speaking of starters, Pettitte spoke with Cashman today and is still undecided about pitching in 2011.

Cashman also met with Carl Crawford on Tuesday night, which is also friggin’ nuts. I don’t want them to get CC, I think the Yanks’ outfield is just fine the way it is. I might get my wish because the Halos are the front runners to sign him. That’s coming from ESPN, so take it for what it’s worth.

All this reporting is making me sick. Please someone make a deal so we don’t have to hear about it every time Cliff Lee wipes his ass.

Finally, the money quote from Cashman:

I know my title is general manager, but I consider myself the director of spending for the New York Yankees.

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