Rocket goes down in flames

Some sad news today as former New York Yankees/Boston Red Sox/Toronto Blue Jays/Houston Astros great Roger Clemens was indicted on perjury charges. You all know the story (and if you don’t the link will get you up to date) so there’s no need to go into details.

Now I’m not sure how you all feel about Rocket, but he was one of my favorite Yankees and I am deeply saddened by this whole ordeal. Say what you want about him, but when he was wearing the pinstripes he always went out there every five days with Icy Hot on his junk and gave everything he had. I feel bad for him and hope he perseveres.

Sure, the argument could be made that he brought this whole shit storm on himself by VOLUNTEERING to testify before Congress in an attempt to clear his name, but that’s the kind of guy Clemens is. Some may call it arrogant, brash, foolish, proud or whatever, but I call it Roger being Roger. And that’s why I will always love him (no homo…not that there’s anything wrong with that).


Now I’m not trying to say the guy was a saint by any means, he clearly wasn’t. It’s pretty obvious that he used steroids, cheated on his wife and lied about both — despicable actions by any measure. But if we’re going by his performance on the field, nobody can deny his greatness (most of the same could be said about LT, but that’s another argument for another day).

We can’t hold Clemens responsible for using steroids; the vast majority of Major League Baseball was doing the same thing. We have no idea how many players were using and to what extent. Plus, there’s just as much blood on Bud Selig’s, owners’ and the Player’s Union’s hands as there is on Bonds’, Clemens’, McGwire’s, etc. If anyone should be held accountable for steroid use, it’s Selig. He turned a blind eye to this epidemic so he could make money and that’s just as bad as players growing two to three cap sizes in an offseason. Like Elie Wiesel once said, “A man who sees a crime being committed and does nothing is just as guilty as those committing the crime.” Or something along those lines. He probably definitely put it more eloquently, but you get the jist.

I know Clemens was not indicted for using steroids, he was indicted for lying to a grand jury, but I just felt I had to state how I felt about him.

Girardi on Roger:

I don’t know the particulars and I don’t really have a comment about it.

I’m sorry but it had to be done:

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