Evaluating the Yanks' trade deadline

By now I’m sure you all have heard about (and seen) the Yankees’ new acquisitions from the trade deadline. They got Lance Berkman, Austin Kearns and Kerry Wood for Mark Melancon, Jimmy Paredes, two players to be named later and obligation of salary for the aforementioned players.

To me, it seems like quite a steal to get those household names (and Kearns) for so cheap. But the total age of the three new Yankees is 97 while the two players lost were a 25-year-old RHP and a 22-year-old middle infielder. So, was this another one of Cashman’s heists or is it a case of the Yankees reverting to their old ways and trading future talent for aging superstars?

“Fat Elvis” is hitting .242/.366/.428/.794 this year, which is a far cry from his career line of .296/.409/.548/.958. Plus his OPS+ of 114 in 2010 is a ways from his career 145 mark. By his standards, his numbers have been lacking for the past few seasons (with the exception of 2008) and, as stated above, he’s not getting any younger. However, I’ll give Cashmoney the benefit of the doubt on this one because Lance is coming off knee surgery and has improved his numbers every month this year. Furthermore, Pettitte gets to have one of his best friends in MLB join him on the team.

Austin Kearns has put up a line of .271/.352/.416/.768 this year, which is right around his career .257/.353/.426/.779 avg. His 104 OPS+ leaves a lot to be desired but he does get on base a lot. It sucks he is replacing New CC (optioned to Triple-A) for many reasons: first, he was a great story and fun to root for with the whole beating-cancer-at-age-15 thing; second, he put up OK numbers for a first-year guy; third, I was at the game where he homered in a mid-at-bat pinch hit; and finally, every time I hear his name it reminds me of Chad Curtis. But Colin is still with the organization and will no doubt get another shot with the Yanks (he’s only 25). Getting back to my original point, I’m not sold on Kearns just yet but I think he can be a valuable guy off the bench.

And finally we come to Kerry Wood. After a shitbox 2009 (10.3 K/9; 4.6 BB/9; 2.25 K/BB; 1.1 HR/9; 4.25 ERA; 99 ERA+) the Yanks are hoping he can return to 2008 form (11.4 K/9; 2.4 BB/9; 4.67 K/BB; .4 HR/9; 3.26 ERA; 142 ERA+) and be the pitcher we hoped CHoP was going to be heading into 2010. The reasons I like this move already go two fold: A) he looked solid in his debut on Sunday B) his presence alone called for CHoP to be DFA’d. Kerry could be a total cocksucker and fail in every way on the mound…and I’ll still like him better than CHoP.

Melancon’s numbers over his 20 1/3 innings in the Bronx aren’t eye-popping and Jimmy Paredes hasn’t been setting the world on fire in Single-A.

Final verdict: heist.

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