Happy birthday America...and Steinbrenner

Today is the Fourth of July, so that means two things: 1) It’s America’s birthday. 2) It’s George Steinbrenner’s birthday. America turns 234 today while Mr. Steinbrenner turns 80. Happy birthday to both of them because they’ve both brought us much joy and happiness over the years.

Without George running the show, who knows where the Yanks would be right now? Many jokes have been made at his expense, but the truth is he’s a sports legend. Love him or hate him you have to admit that he’s one of a kind. No other owner in sports cares as much and puts as much time and effort into his/her craft. He gives his all and expects to win year-in-year-out. You’ve done an incredible job over the years and Yankee fans owe you more than we’ll ever know, so here’s to your 80th and many more Mr. Steinbrenner.

Hopefully the Yanks can celebrate both of these special occasions with a win tomorrow over those Canadian bastards (just kidding). But seriously, beat the Blue Jays.

LET’S GO YANKS!!!!!!!!!

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