A-Rod meets with Feds

Alex Rodriguez met with Federal investigators early this morning regarding Canadian doctor Anthony Galea…and it did not go well. The meeting, which was supposed to be all about the doctor, turned into a fireball that blew up in the oft-controversial slugger’s face. Mr. Rodriguez was charged with lying to Federal authorities and obtaining/using illegal performance-enhancing drugs, which carries a minimum jail sentence of three years. Big Al was quoted as saying:

I made a mistake. How many people out there can say they are perfect? Nobody. If you were in my shoes you’d do the same thing. If someone waved a $252 million contract in front of your face, you would put anything into your body that would help your performance. Get over it. Nobody seemed to care when I was smacking homers and driving in runs out the wazoo.

Classy as always, Alex.

In related news, Commissioner Bud Selig said that he will not let A-Rod back in baseball when he gets out of The Clink. It gets worse, the Yankees said they are going to void his contract and erase all memories of him from the stadium and refuse to give him his World Series ring.

Cynthia Rodriguez, Alex’s ex-wife, could be heard laughing hysterically and, when asked for comment, said:

I always knew it. He was not very well equipped in the bedroom; it must have been the side effects of the drugs. Karma is a bitch.

Many of his teammates have released comments in support of the disgraced slugger, saying they don’t care what he does because it has become the nature of the game. Some have even come forward in defense by saying that they too have experimented with ‘roids. It comes as no surprise that teammates want to comfort him because, as they say, he is an insecure Prima donna that needs to be coddled. Take it away Mark Teixeira:

Who cares? I can’t say myself that I am clean; I have used steroids too. I know a number of players that have taken the injection. It’s a part of the game. As soon as the fans realize that the better.

How the baseball world will react to this is unknown. However, I, for one, am willing to let bygones be bygones. Read more —>

A-Rod exiting his meeting with the Feds Thursday morning (photo: thebosh.com)

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