Reason #4,753 why I hate Johnny Damon

Johnny Damon just finished torching the bridge he helped build in New York.

“I started wearing it this past offseason after I knew I wasn’t coming back to New York,” Damon said of his 2004 World Series ring. “I was in New York for four years and I couldn’t wear it then.”

Wow. If he’s trying to get back at the Yankees and their fans then mission accomplished. What a scumbag. All that glitters is not gold. I guess a one-year/$8 million contract can’t buy you any class.

But wait, it gets better. “I can get it mailed to me,” Asshole said of his 2009 ring. “I don’t want to wait until we go there, because that’s not until the middle of August…I am going to wear them both [rings].”

Maybe I was a little out of order myself; I insulted him a little bit. Damon was a big part of last year’s championship. On second thought, stay and have a drink. Johnny, Johnny, drinks are on the house.

What’s right is right.

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