Yankees Opening Day roster

With the Yanks just about done with making moves this offseason, I thought I’d predict the Opening Day (only 64 more days!!!) lineup. Yes, I am fiending baseball that badly; this season has got to start soon, I’m dying over here…Without further ado, I give you your 2010 New York Yankees:

  1. Jeet, SS
  2. Grandy , LF*
  3. Tex, 1B
  4. A-Rod, 3B
  5. Georgie, C
  6. Johnson, DH
  7. Cano, 2B
  8. Swish Dog, RF
  9. Gardner, CF*

The starting rotation will be as such:

  1. CC
  2. AJ
  3. Pettitte
  4. Vazquez
  5. Joba/Gaudin. I’m hoping it will be Gaudin because Joba belongs in the ‘pen. Knowing the Yanks, though, they’ll keep Joba in the rotation.

Actually, maybe Joba should be in the rotation. As we see here, he might be the next Doc Gooden

*I know Grandy was brought in to be the center fielder, but, mark my words, Gardner will be in center come Opening Day. He’s too fast to be a corner outfielder.

With Melky gone, Gardner will be the center fielder...I think

I can’t resist, here are a few links:

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of Damon leaving is that we'll be forever deprived of this celebration

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