Obama has some movement on that changeup

9 All-Star Thoughts

1. George W. Bush has a better fastball than Barack Obama.  Hopefully a president’s ability to throw a ceremonial first pitch is inversely proportional to his ability to run a country.  (Still, watch Bush’s pitch after 9/11 and try not to get chills.  The president had something like a 90% approval rating then.  Based on his speech from the rubble of the World Trade Center and this pitch, Bush was poised for a historic presidency.  Oh what could have been.)  Also, what was with the original camera angle for Obama’s pitch?  It was like FOX didn’t want to show the last five feet of his throw, just in case Obama bounced it in there.  Can’t wait to hear what Hannity has to say about that.

2. This game flew by…too bad it started at 8:50 p.m.

3. Thank you to Chris Rose for making me realize I cannot take anyone over 35 seriously with a haircut like that.  It’s making me reconsider my job interview do.

4. Derek Jeter can do no wrong.  Jete went 0-2 but got included on the Game Recap graphic because he scored two runs.  John Anderson on SportsCenter said he had a great game.  Whatever, I’m just glad Lincecum didn’t break his wrist.

5. Ichiro REALLY loves Barack Obama.  Did you see Ichiro’s face while the president was signing a ball for him?  Giddy as a schoolboy.

I thought this was awesome, so here you go

I thought this was awesome, so here you go

6. Reason #176 Why I Hate Tim McCarver: He had the privilege of talking baseball with the president.  Also, it’s official, the United States is out of money.

7. What a defensive game this was.  I can’t even remember all the great plays, but just about every position had a chance to flash the leather.  Crawford’s home run saving catch was great, but there were four or five other plays that rivaled it.  Can’t wait for the Web Gems.  Teams are definitely placing a greater value on defense now that #6 hitters aren’t bashing 30 home runs a season anymore.  By the way, Carl says he never robbed a home run before.  That surprises me.

8. I love that Albert Pujols pronounces the word “and” like it has a “g” in it; “ang”, like “hang” without the “h”.  Speaking of Pujols, I’ve never heard him say more than eight words at once.  I heard about 20 minutes worth of Pujols this weekend.  Says all the right things.

9. Busch Stadium is incredible.  I’ve never been, so I don’t know how it feels to sit in a seat and watch the game, but the views over the outfield wall are breathtaking.  Just seeing that stadium makes me want to move to St. Louis.  Then I remember it’s in Missouri…

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