Game 1 Preview @ Baltimore Orioles

The season starts today for the New York Yankees and their fans as they hope to see the start of something spectacular for the season, especially after their big three offseason signings – Mark Teixeira, AJ Burnett, and today’s starting pitcher, CC Sabathia. Wait, did I just use the word, “spectacular”? Yes, I guess I did… well, just know that it was said in a very deep manly voice and we’ll move on.

In any case, Sabathia owns the following stats versus the Orioles:

Career: 5-0; 2.38 ERA; 0.96 WHIP; .202 BAA; 40 K; 16 BB in 64.1 innings
@ Camden Yards: 3-0; 2.60 ERA; 1.27 WHIP; .252 BAA; 22 K; 9 BB in 27.2 innings

So, looking at the above, it’s safe to say that Sabathia should continue to do as well as he’s done during the preseason and do well against the Orioles, right? Well, not so fast as April and July are Sabathia’s worst months during his career:

April: 11-10; 4.47 ERA; 1.39 WHIP; .263 BAA; 153 K; 75 BB in 189.1 innings
July: 14-20; 4.61 ERA; 1.40 WHIP; .266 BAA; 233 K; 103 BB in 271.1 innings

If Sabathia happens to stink today, don’t fret and don’t let the Yankees haters get to you. Especially when you consider Sabathia’s career September numbers:

19-11; 2.84 ERA; 1.10 WHIP; .224 BAA; 245 K; 77 BB in 282.1 innings

And that, folks, is why the Yankees spent all of that money on CC. Let’s go Yankees!!!

Game Time: 4:05 ET
Location: Camden Yards; Baltimore, MD
Yankees Starter: CC Sabathia (0-0)
Orioles Starter: Jeremy Guthrie (0-0)
Potential Yankees Batting Order: 1. SS Derek Jeter; 2. LF Johnny Damon, 3. 1B Mark Teixeira, 4. DH Hideki Matsui, 5. C Jorge Posada, 6. 2B Robinson Cano, 7. RF Xavier Nady, 8. 3B Cody Ransom, 9. CF Brett Gardner
Potential Orioles Batting Order: 1. 2B Brian Roberts, 2. CF Adam Jones, 3. RF Nick Markakis, 4. 3B Melvin Mora, 5. 1B Aubrey Huff, 6. Ty Wiggington, 7. LF Luke Scott, 8. C Gregg Zaun, 9. SS Cesar Itzuris

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