New Stadium... New Yankees Blog...


… and you get nothing but a CHEESY picture with a HACKY slogan… hahaha! Seriously, it’s better than getting an error message or something else that didn’t allow you to access the blog the last couple of days, right? By the way, apologies for that, but it was something that simply had to be done across the FanSided network to make it better down the line.

Unfortunately, it didn’t allow me to put up any new content and preview tonight’s first game ever at the new Yankee Stadium against the Chicago Cubs, BUT, I’ll be sure to write up a game recap. At this point, the Cubs are beating the Yankees 3-0 in the bottom of the second with my choice for comeback Yankee of the year, Robinson Cano on deck. So, anyway… back to the game. Recap to come later tonight.

Thanks for your patience with the blog’s bugs the past couple of days. I heart you… I do that with complete strangers I’ve never met.

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